My Top Three Organizing Tools


My new favorite tool for organizing my to-do list.  I used to have lists everywhere; one for work, one for home, one for shopping… I’d lose them, rip them, spill coffee on them, and then I’d be lost.  Workflowy lets you create lists with sublists, collapse or expand sections, and cross tasks off when you’re done- keeping them visible or hiding them, your preference.  It’s web based, so you can create your list on one computer and view on any other, including your smartphone. You can even use hashtags on items to search and sort your list- for instance use #tues for all tasks that need to be completed on Tuesday.


Staples Everyday File and Sorter

This organizer is helpful to use as a tickle file for paperwork that needs to be dealt with later.  You can tuck it in the appropriate month’s page and put it out of your  mind until then.  At the beginning of each month, go to that month’s page and pull your documents forward into the numbered “day” pages, under the appropriate day, 1-31.  I like to use it for greeting cards for example, so if I pick one up ahead of time I won’t forget where I left it when the time comes to send it.


Home File

The HomeFile organizer comes with laminated dividers to help categorize your files.  Each divider card lists documents and items that should be filed under each category, and a guide for how long to keep each type.  It also comes with a booklet to serve as a master guide for locating your financial information.  In the event you’re unable to take care of your finances, this booklet will be very helpful to your financial caretaker.


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