The One About Bacon

Best sign everDid I get your attention?  I don’t know what things are like on your Facebook news feed, but on mine I see an awful lot of bacon posts- bacon recipes, bacon pictures, bacon poetry… Those bacon posts get more attention than anything else in my news feed; even political posts on Election eve.  I have no idea why bacon is so popular.  But you can’t fight that kind of power, so I decided to write about bacon instead of money.  How does “Purposeful Bacon” sound?BACON... (you get the picture now, I'm sure)

Ah…. but Purposeful Money is printed on my business cards, so I guess we’ll have to stick to finances.

How about a link to my favorite Dilbert cartoon instead?  It features Dogbert CFP, retirement advice, and bacon.


photos by: miss_rogue & anokarina

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