Stupid Gifts Hall of Shame

Have you ever received- or given- a stupid gift?  It can happen when we follow some of the silly rules we make for ourselves when it comes to gift giving, especially at Christmas time.  Rules like- all gifts given in the same “class” (meaning all work friends, nieces and nephews, etc) must have equal value; or if someone gives me a gift one year, I must give a gift of equal or greater value the next year and every year after.


I came across this Hall of Shame while checking out the alternative gifting website Changing the Present.

Do you have any stupid gifts to add?  Take a look at the great ideas for changing the way we give gifts while you are there.

How about silly gift giving rules?


Happy Thanksgiving!


PS- I confess to buying silly gifts for my kids from… like the poster of all varieties of mullets or the one with dangerous things you shouldn’t do, like fly a kite on a roof top.  Sometimes stupid makes for great family memories!


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