Equifax Breach

You likely have heard the news about the Equifax security breach, but in case you haven’t, hackers gained access to the personal credit information one half to possibly 2/3 of the American adult population. The stolen information is sufficient to steal your identity and open credit in your name. With a breach this big, you […]

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Congress’s Annual Gift- Quasi Tax Reform

The only things certain are death and taxes the saying goes, but in recent years the state of federal income taxes has been full of uncertainty. Although the need for tax reform is apparent, our legislators have been in the habit of putting through last minute patches to keep tax provisions valid for the current […]

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My new wallet

Payments on the Go

It seems almost inevitable these days that your credit card information will be at risk from a retailer’s system breach or worse, your card number stolen and used for fraudulent purchases. Clearly the established credit payment systems are lacking. Next generation payment methods like mobile pay and chipped credit cards promise improvement; whether they will […]

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Reverse Mortgage

Social Security Updates

In the dark of night and in the nick of time, Congress passed and President Barack Obama later signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, avoiding a shutdown and funding the government for two more years. Included in the budget was a senior surprise — the elimination of two potentially lucrative Social Security […]

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Metallic Plumbing

Taking The Leap Into Rentals

The possibility of investing in rental real estate has been a hot topic with clients of late. Entering the world of being a landlord is a not a decision to make lightly, with many factors to consider and ins and outs of the business to understand. Calculating income or loss on rental real estate for […]

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The Ins and Outs of Rental Properties

Owning the right rental real estate can be a profitable endeavor, and often even with a property that’s making money, the tax bite can be minimal or even provide you with a deduction. Of course not all properties will be money makers, and while no one likes losing money on an investment, saving tax dollars […]

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Scary Fun!

Whiplash Much?

What a week for the stock market- the big losses last Friday and Monday were followed up by a jaw dropping 1000 drop at Tuesday’s open.  Didn’t bode well for the week.  Based on that, who’d have thought that this Friday (8/28) would have closed just about where the market opened Monday morning. I don’t […]

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Every Little Bit Helps

A penny saved is a penny earned, Ben Franklin said, and I hope you’ve saved some pennies with the shopping tools we looked at in the last column. But look out Ebates and Target Cartwheel, there’s a new generation of rebate apps out there vying for our attention.   These new rebate tools get you […]

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Coupon Clipping.

A Little More Help … Here and There

Admittedly, I’m not much of a coupon clipper. At least not paper coupons. I lose them, forget to use them, find them to be annoying to keep track of in general. But electronic coupons and money saving apps? I’m in. Beyond the usual Googling for promo codes before pressing “place order,” I’ve found there are […]

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The IRS Breach and What it Means to You

Data breaches have become so common lately that you may not even blink.  However when it happens to the Internal Revenue Service and affects some 100,000 taxpayers, that’s bound to get your attention.  This week the IRS announced that not only did hackers compromise the tax records of those 100,000; attempts on another 100,000 were […]

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