You are warmly invited to a
Women’s Money Circle.

Gathering in a circle is a practice as old as humankind, but it’s a new way for women to start talking authentically about money.

In a money circle, we provide a safe space to talk about whatever money issues are on your mind. Not about money “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts.”  We talk less about dollars-signs, wealth, and net worth, and more about our values, our well being, our self-worth.  We talk about what matters.


When we meet in circle, everyone can be seen and heard, and amazing things can happen.  We get healthier, gain insights from others that help us in our own lives, and find new balance.  We learn. Connect. Change a behavior. Get unstuck. Gain courage.

We will hold our next Pocono money circle on:

Thursday, February 28, 2013

6:45 pm till 8 pm

Baehr Family Financial Office

742 Ann Street

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

This is for all women- younger, older, single, married, novice, or pro.

Guests are welcomed and encouraged!

RSVP via form below, or by calling the office at 570-223-1550

Women accomplish great things when they collaborate, and even money can be fun if you tackle it with your friends!

Join us, and take control of your finances.

To learn more about why Circles are so important, visit our post “Don’t be Afraid to Get Naked.”

photo by: xlordashx