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Student Debt

College Student Debt in America

Thanks to Consolidated Credit for providing this infographic on college debt. Staggering college debt is no way to start off a secure financial future. Yet thousands of students every year rack up thousands of dollars in debt. The average college student attending a four-year institution ends up with $25,000 in debt upon graduation, which is […]

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Graduate Samantha

Dollars for Scholars

Want some tips on where to find scholarships and how to manage the application process? I recently wrote two posts about it on a new personal financial website called Dimespring. Dimespring is an interactive community with contributions from financial professionals as well as blogs by non-financial pros who write about their money struggles.  I was […]

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College Savings 101

Top 10 Reasons to Download our Free College Savings eBook

10. You’ve never heard of Upromise 9.  You’re not quite sure how a 529 works 8.  Or if that’s the best way to save for college 7.  You think FAFSA stands for “frustrating application from someone annoying” 6.  When you hear “Stafford” you think shirts 5.  Your child is applying to a school that uses […]

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