Black Friday Deal- Capital One 360 Gives you $$

Cap One Black FridayMany of you have heard me recommend online savings banks, Capital One 360 being of the best. For this weekend only (November 28-December 1) they are offering a $100 bonus for opening a 360 Checking account AND another $100 for opening a 360 Savings account.

The catch- this only applies if you don’t already have the particular type of account. So if you have both a 360 Checking and Savings, unfortunately you can’t get the bonus. But if you have a Savings and not a Checking, a new 360 Checking account will get you the bonus and vice versa.

Capital One 360 is also offering a $40 bonus for every friend you refer who opens a new account this weekend. Your friend’s new account must meet the conditions below also.

So team up with your friends and make some money this weekend!

Cap One Black Friday Deals


The details-
For 360 Checking you must open the account with $250 and either use your debit card 5 times, deposit checks via CheckMate, or any combination of the two within 45 days. You receive your bonus on day 50. The account currently pays .20% for balances up to $49,999 (higher for higher balances).

You must open the 360 Savings account with $1,000 and you can’t take it out for 30 days. You get the $100 bonus right away, and you do earn interest from day one- currently at .75%.

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