The Purposeful Pups

Erin O'Brien |

At Purposeful Money, we believe in doing things purposefully, not just in terms of money, but in life in general.  So when people question us (or we question ourselves), why do we have three (3!) dogs, we can confidently answer that we welcomed each of them for a purpose- even if we can't always remember what that is, especially on a night like tonight, standing in a downpour, waiting for them to do their business and track mud all over the house...

But they are awfully cute, these three- small, medium, and large- 2 year old girls. and by watching them closely, they've had a lot to teach us about life and relationships and our relationships with money.  We'll be sharing some of those lessons over the coming pages, but for now we'd like to introduce the Purposeful Money purposeful pups.

The oldest (by six months) and biggest of the bunch is our Bernedoodle Ruthie, named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Ruthie is a big lummox who thinks she's a lap dog and has zero fear.  She loves to play hide and seek with Mandy.and steal tissues.

Mandy the sheepadoodle is the middle child, sweet and loving, more concerned with chasing butterflies than getting into trouble with the other two.. but she's not above tattling on them.

Then there is Becky, the one my grandson nicknamed "the tiny dog." Becky is a Havanese, and we call her the princess because she doesn't like to get wet or dirty. Becky also is afraid of just about everything, including every human being except for me. She is definitely not afraid of Ruthie though, even though Ruthie is probably 7 times her size. 

Stay tuned to hear about their adventures and the lessons we can glean from their interactions.